We believe taste, health and convenience are important drivers in the success of a food company.

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TropiFruitUS is an importer of fruit products. Our fruit maintains its freshness because it is flash-frozen just at the point of ripening. The flash-freezing process also increases shelf life for a longer-lasting product and increased sales opportunities. TropiFruitUS fruits are sustainably harvested in Colombia, the second-most biodiverse country in the world. Many of our products are certified Organic, which makes them appealing to today’s health and climate conscious consumers. We believe taste, health and convenience are important drivers in the success of a food company. We deliver all of these to our clients in attractive, easy-to-use packaging that will meet the needs of end consumers, whether retail or B2B.

If you’re a manufacturer, use our fruit puree to create baked goods, smoothies, cakes, icings, jams and jellies, ice cream, shakes, baby food, fruit toppings, soups, dips, fruit leather, and more. Call us for ideas – we’re always here. Get in touch with TropiFruitUS, and let’s make juicy profits together.

Please contact us if you have interest in partnering to distribute TropifruitUS products in your area. We provide our distributors with high-quality frozen and aseptic fruit products that are elegantly designed, FDA registered, and competitively priced. We offer both exclusive and non-exclusive partnerships as well as private-label opportunities. Whether retail, manufacturing, or extended distribution, TropifruitUS has the right combination to meet your fruit business needs. We also have website integration, package design, and other design services available to our partners.

For more information contact us at:

1.800.798.9101 or info@tropifruitus.com  

TropiFruitUS logo color

Exclusive SVM Distributor for the USA