A Revolution in


This Smoothie Vending Machine blends to order crushed fruit, ice and other ingredients. A freshly made and nutritious smoothie, provided in the most convenient and affordable way.

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TropiFruit Smoothie Vending Machine (SVM)

A New Revolution in Vending

TropiFruit US is proud to present the world's first "on-the-spot " fresh smoothie making vending machine.

This Smoothie Vending Machine is the result of over four years of engineering, R&D and testing. Made in the USA, this Smoothie Vending Machine is one of the most technology advanced systems of its kind. The machine uses for the six different fruits a special proprietary aseptic box/bag (BIB) system for easy re-supply to produce more than 250 smoothies.

Our SVM is the first Smoothie Vending Machine that makes freshly on-at-a-time smoothies from all natural and the highest quality fruits. A freshly made and nutritious smoothie, provides customers with a healthy alternative to “Fast-Food” in the most convenient and affordable way. Blended to order with 100 per cent real fruit puree, no strained juice. Of course, no added preservatives, sugars, or fillers.

Great Taste, amazing quality, super healthy.



A state-of-the -art touchscreen displays a great variety of recipes along with its nutritional information, and allows a customer to select their preferred smoothie.

It also displays digital advertising, which represents a massive income potential for Smoothie Vending

Machine operators.




Remote monitoring

For the machines connected to the internet, software provides cloud service for remote manageability, so that operators will be able remotely check daily sales, stock levels, alarms, through mobile devices, including smartphones and laptops.



All TropiFruit products are 100% natural fruit puree, sun-ripened and freshly harvested.

Blended to order with 100 per cent real fruit puree, no strained juice. Of course, no added preservatives, sugars, or fillers. Just pure fruit goodness.

Great Taste, amazing quality, super healthy.

Our recipes can be customized or you can create your own recipes.

Business Opportunity

Vending is one of today's fastest growing industries. The fantastic potential for this business has only begun to be fully realized. Your Smoothie Vending Machine can be working for you all day, every day. Here's your chance! Position yourself now with a potential stream of cash flow from your vending business - then use your revenue to grow your business or to establish other streams of cash flow.


The Machine

The Smoothie Vending Machine includes an automatic cup and straw dispenser, a self-washing system and a commercial grade blending unit.

The ice and the rest of the ingredients are kept in two separate refrigerated compartments, made of high quality stainless steel. The Smoothie Vending Machine has a capacity of 150 smoothies.

It is capable of accepting Credit Cards and Mobile Phone payments.

Its dimensions are: 6' 8" (H) x 4' (W) x 2' 1 1 "(D)


Cleaning and Maintenance

The Smoothie Vending Machine is equipped with a self-washing system. Before and after every smoothie is made, a washing cycle takes place.

In addition to the automatic washing performed by its built-in washing system, the Smoothie Vending Machine requires a manual cleaning at least once a week.


Supply of Fruit Puree:

The Smoothie Vending Machine uses a special proprietary aseptic bag/box system (BIB) for easy change of fresh fruits. TropiFruit US, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida is the exclusive US supplier of the BIBs used in the Smoothie Vending Machine.


Business Operation

Vending is one of the simplest and most lucrative business opportunities available. It can provide a very significant income while at the same time allowing for a totally flexible working week. As a Smoothie Vending Machine operator you will be required to find a host for your Smoothie Vending Machine. Contact us, we might be able to assist you in researching and securing locations. 

Given that the Smoothie Vending Machine is a particularly unique vending machine that provides a healthy and very popular product, most site owners are happy to have a machine. Others may want a small commission for the sales through the machine.

There are an unlimited number of locations that a Smoothie Vending Machine can be successfully located, e.g.: schools, universities, gyms, office buildings, hospitals, recreation centers and many others.

You will be required to attend each of your machines at least once a week for approximately half an hour at a time for restocking and cleaning.



The Smoothie Vending Machine is quite simply a revolution in vending. It is a healthy vending option that customers actually love, it is highly profitable and it is simple to operate. Your Smoothie Vending Machine can be working for you all day, every day.


We are looking for partners who want to capitalize on the growing market of health conscious consumers. Providing consumers with a healthy alternative to "Fast-Food" at locations other than the typical smoothie retailers, gives the operator of our SVM vending machine a great competitive advantage over its competition.


Position yourself now in your vending business with a potential stream of cash flow.

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These real fruit blended-to-order masterpieces will delight your senses.
Creamy, refreshing, invigorating...