Our TropiFruit Smoothie Vending Machine uses whole fruit puree' to provide on-the-spot fresh smoothies. We only add natural zero calorie Stevia for sweetness , but no added preservatives or cane sugar.

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A Revolution in Vending

Fresh Fruit Puree' Creates Healthy Smoothies!

A Revolution in Vending!


Our Smoothie Vending Machine uses 100% whole fruit and stevia to make a healthy smoothie on-the-spot and serve to you in a convenient and affordable way.


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A state-of-the-art touch screen displays all the smoothie selections along with their ingredients and caloric content to the customer before final ordering.

A programmable display of digital advertising streaming at the top of the SVM from local businesses or announcements from the location can generate additional income to the owner.  

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Remote monitoring

SVMs are connected to the internet thru the owner's service or the location to provide cloud management for revenue, inventory and service issues.

Owners can regularly check all functions thru their smart phone, laptop or desktop.

Transactions are deposited directly to the owner's bank account and can be monitored at will.

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Our TropiFruit Products used in our Smoothie Vending Machine (SVM)

TropiFruit only provides 100% natural fruit puree, sun ripened, freshly harvested and delivered to our processing plant. We do not add juice, preservatives or chemicals, so you get just the pure fruit goodness.