We believe taste, health and convenience are important drivers in the success of a food company.

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TropiFruit US was founded with the mission of providing the best, most healthy fruit to consumers.  Our founders searched the world to find not only the best fruit, but to provide it in a safe and sanitary packaging method.

We take the fresh fruit from orchards and package it immediately. The whole pulp is pressed into puree' and placed in aseptic bags without freezing it or adding any preservatives or cane sugar.

Therefore, we deliver it direct to the consumer in its most natural state.

We can provide these aseptic bags direct to the consumer thru retail locations, so they may take home and mix their own smoothies or other combinations.

Recently, we partnered with the creator of a smoothie vending machine to provide our fruit in on-the-spot smoothie creations. These vending machines can be placed anywhere that consumers want a healthy vending option to sugary drinks and snacks.

Our founders have over 80 years of proven business experience in many varied endeavors to arrive at this opportunity to serve the market with healthy fruit.

We look forward to introducing several other healthy offerings in the future. 


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