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This Smoothie Vending Machine blends to order crushed fruit, ice and other ingredients. A freshly made and nutritious smoothie, provided in the most convenient and affordable way.

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TropiFruit Smoothie Vending Machine (SVM)

A New Revolution in Vending

The Smoothie Vending Machine (SVM) serves fruit puree created from whole fresh fruit along with crushed ice and stevia, a natural plant non- caloric sweetener. There is no added sugar or other chemicals.

Tropifruit US is proud to present the world's first "on-the-spot" fresh smoothie making vending machine.

The SVM is the result of over four years of R & D, engineering, and field testing. As of early 2017, there are over 100 machines operating in Australia in schools, offices, airports, hospitals and other locations.

The first units introduced to the US market are expected to be in place in the Fall of 2017.

The SVM contains a proprietary aseptic bag of fruit puree in a bag inside a box system (BIB) that fits inside a slot to dispense at the touch of a button. The five different purees can be mixed or changed to produce many different mixtures, but a selection of nine drinks is the current preferred number of selections to maximize ordering time.

A freshly made 16 oz. smoothie as a meal is becoming the best alternative to a "fast food" meal of high calories and unhealthy ingredients.




A state-of-the-art touch screen displays all the smoothie selections along with their ingredients and caloric content to the customer before final ordering.

A programmable display of digital advertising streaming at the top of the SVM from local businesses or announcements from the location can generate additional income to the owner.  

Remote monitoring

SVMs are connected to the internet thru the owner's service or the location to provide cloud management for revenue, inventory and service issues.

Owners can regularly check all functions thru their smart phone, laptop or desktop.

Transactions are deposited directly to the owner's bank account and can be monitored at will.




We import our fruit from an US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved facility in Colombia, South America. All SVM fruit puree is 100% natural. We do not add fruit juices or sugar. Our fruit is sun ripened and naturally harvested. The whole fruit is then cleansed and processed by removing the outer shell, seeds, and other non-fruit items.

The remaining whole fruit is then pasteurized and crushed into a natural puree which is immediately sealed in an aseptic bag with a guaranteed shelf life of up to 15 months before opening.

We then place these aseptic bags in our proprietary "bag-in-a box" (BIB) packaging and insert them into the SVM. Food grade tubing is then attached to each BIB feeding into our commercial blender. When a customer chooses their drink mixture, the appropriate amount of each puree is released into the blender. Ice is dispensed from the refrigerated compartment above the blender and mixed with the puree to provide a perfectly mixed smoothie in about 50 seconds that flows into the 16-oz. cup below.

Automatic Cup, Straw and Lid Dispenser

Specialty plastic cups with volume control rings are automatically dispensed from a 150 cup internal dispenser. Jumbo straws are also automatically dispensed with each drink. Lids are optional and can be provided with an external holding device attached to the side of the machine.

Self-Cleansing System and Maintenance

The SVM blender is thoroughly flushed and cleansed with two rinse cycles after each drink.  The owner should plan to visit their SVM at least 2-3 times a week to wipe down the inside components with a cleansing solution such as Clorox or vinegar, plus re-stock the SVM with cups, straws, lids and puree as needed.

Ice Dispenser

The SVM does not currently make its own ice, therefore it does not need a plumbing connection. Ice is added thru the door opening at the top by the owner or service person with standard 10 lb. bags brought in on service visits or from the location if available. A small ladder attached by the owner to the back, stored at the location or brought in with service visits is needed to reach the top of the unit.

There is an optional ice maker on the unit under development that may be available with future models for an additional cost. With this option, the SVM would need access to a water line or plumbing.

 TropiFruit SVM Bag-In-Box

The TropiFruit SVM Smoothie Vending Machine uses a special aseptic bag-in-box system (BIB) for easy change of Fruit Puree, Stevia and Protein. The key to this unique system is that the product being filled is not exposed to the external environment at any stage during the process and as such, there is no possibility of a bacterial load being added to the product during the filling process.

TropiFruit US, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida is the exclusive supplier of the BIBs used in the Smoothie Vending Machine.

The TropiFruit SVM Bag-In-Box holds 1.32 gallons or 169 oz. (5 liters) of Fruit Puree requiring No Refrigeration.

Distributors and Owners Wanted

Vending Business

The vending business can be a very lucrative form of business.

It has the following advantages:

  1. No fixed overhead or on-site employees
  2. Flexible work schedules, part time or subcontracted
  3. High profit margins, repeat business

The two main components of a successful vending business are:

  1. Location
  2. Product

The SVM has advantages over all other vending machines for both of these components:

  1. No location already has a smoothie vending machine so there is no overcrowding or competition. All locations also want healthier options for their customers so the demand for a SVM is extremely high.
  2. Smoothies are unique compared to all other vending products. Again, there is no competition.

Will my SVM be successful and profitable?

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Do consumers want quick access to products thru vending machines vs. leaving their location and travelling to a fixed store location?
  2. Will the demand for healthy, lower sugar products increase in future years and has the demand for smoothies gone up in previous years?

Tropifruit US believes the answers and evidence related to these two questions are overwhelmingly positive. We certainly do not guarantee if you will be successful or not. That is up to you to manage your business successfully as with any other business.

Join The Smoothie Revolution

Start Planning Your SVM business today. The market is wide open waiting for those who want to be in on the beginning of a great opportunity. Are you a market leader and innovator or a follower? We are looking for leaders - is that you? Respond today to see if your market is available.

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These real fruit blended-to-order masterpieces will delight your senses.
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Distributor Opportunities Available

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